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Revolutionizing Denials


Recapture Denials.

Prevent New Ones.

Create margin

to provide

better care.

The Problem


of hospital claims are being denied.


of denials can be overturned with a thorough appeal.


of hospitals state they are carrying over $100M in receivables.

Why aren’t hospitals submitting appeals to overturn denials?


Backlogged revenue

cycle management due to confusing and ever changing payor requirements for prior authorization, claims submission, and criteria.


Staffing insufficiencies and inadequate training due to the pandemic and other issues.


Archaic technology practices that lack of ability to efficiently sort through medical records for creating appeal letters in a timely manner.

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Authsnap, Inc. is your trusted partner in streamlining the denials process. Through proprietary, advanced data science, our solution offers healthcare systems to:

  • Recapture denied claims
  • Reduce staff burnout
  • Optimize the clinical review process
  • Ensure sustainable financial health
  • Identifying relevant and key missing data points in the claim that will help to overturn the denial


We are...

Authsnap, Inc. is a team of healthcare experts who have come together to create solutions for hospitals in the complex areas of revenue cycle management. Our strong team consists of technical experts, nurses, doctors, and leadership experts who have worked at the top healthcare companies in the world. Our founder team has extensive knowledge of the complexity around denials and the challenges that hospitals face. We have created proprietary software that utilizes data science technology to significantly decrease the time it takes to manage denials and the number of clinicians that need to be involved in the process.

Team of innovators.
Team of innovators.
Team of innovators.
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We seek to partner with hospitals and health systems to recapture denials as well as proactively prevent denied claims through data science to deliver positive cash flow.

Our goal is to become the gold standard in the claims denial industry by leveraging data science to empower providers to deliver consistent and accurate clinical assessments of denied claims in a SNAP™, allowing hospitals to protect valuable clinician resources.

About Us

Gretchen Heinen, RN, PHN, BSN

Founder, CEO

RN Case Manager with comprehensive case management expertise, prior authorization and denials. Specializing in reducing avoidable admissions and optimizing healthcare resources. Developing individualized care plans, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, and streamlining care processes. Strong critical thinking, communication, and adaptability skills with a focus on positive patient outcomes. Extreme passion for helping patients and health systems maximize their rights and benefits in their health plans.

Scott Senden

Co-Founder, President

Extensive background in technology leadership. Former Vice President at UnitedHealthGroup. Expertise and background in organization lead to the development of new markets and the creation of new capabilities. Importantly, these goals were consistently delivered while simultaneously improving operating models and embracing a strong culture of employee engagement. Diverse knowledge of capital plans and leading teams.

Dr. Wael Khouli, MD, MBA

Co-Founder, CMO

Seasoned Physician Executive with over 20 years of experience in clinical care and healthcare management. Former Chief Medical Officer at LifePoint Health. His background spans various care settings, showcasing a versatile understanding of the healthcare landscape.Proven expertise in leading diverse medical teams, implementing innovative healthcare programs, and elevating the quality and efficiency of medical care.

Stacy Bengtson

Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member

Sales and Marketing Leader who brings over a 15 of expertise in insurance and healthcare solutions specializing in forging impactful partnerships with hospitals and health system leaders. With experience from companies such as Medtronic and J&J, she a keen understanding of healthcare dynamics, she navigates C-Suites adeptly, driving initiatives to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Her strategic acumen and collaborative approach have consistently delivered innovative solutions, while elevating healthcare outcomes.​

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